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Consumer Enforcement Manager

Location:Dublin, Remote

Job Length:Permanent


Firm:The Competition Consumer and Protection Commission

Job Type:Full Time

Email Address:


Practice Area:Other

Web Address:https://www.ccpc.ie/

The CCPC is seeking to recruit one Consumer Enforcement Manager for its Consumer Enforcement Division (CED). In addition to the immediate appointment from this campaign, an order of merit may be established. This may be used to fill any future vacancies at the same level within this or other Divisions of the CCPC where roles have similar responsibilities and/or similar skills are required.

CED works closely with the Consumer Protection Division (CPD) and both divisions are primarily responsible for exercising the CCPC’s functions in the areas of consumer protection and ensuring that traders comply with the relevant pieces of consumer protection legislation.

At present the CED consists of three separate units, each with its own specific area of expertise and responsibility - Compliance and Inspection Unit, Consumer Investigation and Enforcement Unit and the Special Investigations and Enforcement Unit. The units all engage with traders across all sectors up to and including global corporations in relation to issues of compliance and where required, take enforcement action to remedy breaches of consumer protection legislation.

Activities include:

  • Assessing trader compliance with consumer protection legislation. These compliance activities may be informed by consumer contacts made to the CCPC, as well as market monitoring and intelligence gathering.
  • Conducting an inspection programme which conducts inspections both online and on-premises to establish trader compliance with consumer protection law.
  • Conducting investigations into potential breaches of consumer protection law. The investigations incorporate traders operating in a variety of sectors and environments including in-store, online and off-premises.
  • Taking enforcement action, either civil or criminal depending on the circumstances in order to enforce consumer protection legislation.
  • Liaising with stakeholders and other sectoral regulators in relation to enforcement of consumer protection law.

The role

The Consumer Enforcement Manager will be assigned to the Special Investigations and Enforcement Unit within CED and will play a key role in managing and supporting the activities of the unit, particularly complex investigations. The Consumer Enforcement Manager will independently analyse and apply consumer protection legislation, making recommendations in relation to enforcement action as appropriate.

The Consumer Enforcement Manager will also have a role in building and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders, including consumer and business representatives, and competent authorities at national and international level. The role holder will also manage, support, and enable the professional development of direct reports.

The successful candidate:

The successful candidate will have a proven ability to identify and critically assess issues and potential breaches of the law, using research and investigative skills to progress a case or investigation. The successful candidate will be enthusiastic, innovative, and proactive and driven to deliver for the CCPC and consumers.

Previous experience or knowledge of consumer law or policy is not an essential criterion; however, the successful candidate will have the ability to apply the law and draw conclusions from available evidence, make recommendations, and communicate their views clearly and convincingly both orally and in writing to senior management and legal advisors.

To ensure that correct procedures and investigative best practice are followed, the ideal candidate will be motivated, flexible, and highly organised, taking ownership of work for which they are responsible, ensuring that records are maintained to the highest standards.

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing and assessing potential breaches by traders of consumer protection legislation, making recommendations on appropriate courses of action and managing subsequent enforcement activities.

Leading and managing the investigation and enforcement of consumer protection legislation. This can involve:

  • Planning and conducting investigations into potential non-compliance by traders. o Prioritising and progressing tasks effectively, ensuring that investigative activities are conducted in accordance with best practice and the available guidelines.
  • Participating in activities including conducting desk research, enquiries, interviews and taking part in inspections and/or search operations of traders or their premises.
  • Analysing EU and national consumer protection legislation as it applies to an investigation.
  • Analysing information or evidence gathered to contribute to decisions on enforcement action.
  • Compiling case files for civil or criminal actions against traders.
  • Making recommendations in relation to investigations and managing appropriate enforcement actions.
  • Giving evidence in court.
  • Managing trader engagement, voluntary resolution and issuing civil enforcement tools.
  • Building, managing and maintaining productive and positive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and competent authorities in other member states whilst representing the CCPC at external fora, as required. This engagement may include travel across the European Union, if required.
  • As necessary, keeping the European Commission, Competent Authorities and Member States updated in relation to measures taken to address infringements.
  • Working closely with other units and Divisions in CCPC in implementing various enforcement responses, including progressing enforcement actions.
  • Working closely and as directed by the Head of Unit in the general management of the Unit and Division’s activities.
  • Assisting in the preparation of organisational reports and undertaking any other duties and responsibilities of a similar level, as required.
  • Contributing to the achievement of the strategic goals of the organisation by participating in crossdivisional projects, developing knowledge and familiarity with the broad remit of the CCPC’s mandate. Managing, supporting, and enabling the professional development of direct reports.

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Closing date for applications is 12 noon, 23 April 2024.

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