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Good interview preparation

How to have a good interview

Good preparation helps you to give a good account of yourself at interview and optimises your chances of convincing the employer that you are the best person available to join their team.


  • Your strengths and achievements.
  • Your career aspirations.
  • Your career to date.
  • What you have to offer this particular job and employer.
  • How to reassure about shortcomings that exist.


  • People you will be meeting and their priorities.
  • How the interview will be conducted.
  • Work environment and what does it take to fit in and succeed?
  • Job responsibilities and transferability of your skills.
  • How can the job be developed?

Ask questions

  • Draw up a list of questions you may be asked.
  • Decide on message(s) you want to deliver within your answers.
  • Think through each anticipated question and ponder good answers.
  • Build practical examples into answers being developed.
  • Keep returning to how you can do the job well.


  • Mock interviewing is the most effective way of rounding off preparation but in advance, not at the last minute.
  • Practice at home with family or a friend.
  • Keep everything formal and don’t break out of role-playing.
  • Video or audio-record if possible.

Other Tips

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