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‘Why Should We Employ You?’ Answered

Create a good response

While there is no perfect answer to the frequently asked interview question ‘so, why should we hire you?’ having a well-researched and well-rehearsed response will make it a less challenging situation. The below tips will help you create a good response to this commonly asked interview question.

Background Research

  • Research the role offered – look at others doing a similar job.
  • Know about the company – visit the company’s website, seek out news articles, etc.
  • Understand how they work and what they expect from their employees.
  • Find out more about the interviewers – aim to find a common interest.

Analyse and Map

  • Analyse and map out where your own experience matches the job.
  • List the skills you have that match their job requirements.
  • List examples of when and how you showed these skills.
  • Know your USP – unique selling point.
  • If you worked for a similar organisation or in a similar role incorporate this into your answer.
  • Show how you could be of value to the company.

Gather the Information

  • Gather all the information together.
  • Write out a draft answer incorporating the salient points related to the role and the organisation.
  • Include some proven examples of your experience and research to date.
  • Be clear, concise and confident in your answer.
  • Keep your answer short but memorable, finishing off with a summary of your overall abilities.


  • Practice your answer with friends and family.
  • Get feedback and make improvements.
  • Aim to get a good balance without the oversell.
  • Use a natural, confident and enthusiastic tone in your reply.

Other Tips

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