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Enter your snapshots of climate change in action
Raging forest fire in Zakynthos, Greece Pic: Shutterstock

09 May 2019 / international Print

Enter your snapshots of climate change in action

Lawyers with an interest in photography are being asked to capture in an image the effects of climate change for a new competition.

Obelisk Legal Support in conjunction with LexisNexis UK, is running the contest to raise funds and awareness for the ClientEarth charity.


Spokeswoman Laure Latham says it may not be immediately obvious to lawyers what they can do in a professional capacity about climate change.

“This is why at Obelisk Support, we decided to help lawyers who fight climate change on a daily basis by harnessing the artistic talents of the law,” she says.

Launched on May 1, the Global Law Photography Competition is open to anybody working in the sector as well as law students and its theme is climate change.


Non-fee earners including secretaries, IT or operations staff and non-lawyers at law firms are all free to aim for the prize of two VIP tickets to Hamilton the Musical in London.

The organisers offer some prompts for creative ideas:

  • Have you noticed your favourite flowers blooming earlier than usual?
  • Did last summer’s drought affect your travels or surrounding landscapes?
  • Have winter floods or storms affected you or people you know?
  • Have you noticed more extreme and changing weather patterns around you?
  • Have you witnessed forest/moor fires in areas where it’s unusual?
  • Are you thinking twice about driving short distances versus cycling or walking?
  • Have you found traveling on public transport uncomfortable because of summer heat waves?
  • Have you spotted invasive non-native plants or insects on your regular walks?
  • Are there less water-dwelling species in rivers, lakes and streams around you?
  • Tick season is now much longer than it was 20 years ago – how do you protect yourself and your house animals?
  • Have you noticed that seasonality of local fruit and vegetables has changed at your farmers’ market?
  • Do you see new ‘warm climate’ crops such as wine grapes where there used to be none?
  • Have you seen increasing signs of coastal erosion?
  • Have some traditional bird, insect, or mammal species populations around you gone down?
  • Do you eat less meat and dairy to mitigate the carbon footprint of your meals?


For each photograph entered in the competition, ClientEarth will receive a donation from participants.

ClientEarth is a charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it. They are lawyers and environmental experts who are fighting against climate change and to protect nature and the environment.

More details about the competition are available online

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