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66% of Ukrainian refugees have language challenges getting work
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18 Jul 2022 / employment Print

66% of Ukrainians have job language challenges

On the week ending 10 July there were 43,256 Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs) issued to individuals from Ukraine under the Temporary Protection Directive, according to CSO data.

Women aged 20 and over account for 47% of arrivals to date, while individuals aged 0-19 (both male and female) account for 37%. 

The highest percentage of those arriving (39% or 17,034 individuals) were categorised as 'One parent with children' under the broad relationship classification headings used. Spouses/partners may have stayed in Ukraine. 

As of 10 July, of the arrivals that attended employment support events arranged by Intreo Public Employment Services, 66% were noted with English language proficiency being a challenge in securing employment.

Of the 13,514 arrivals who attended an Intreo event, 9,645 had recorded previous occupations with "professionals" being the largest group at 33% (or 3,180 persons).

Of the 9,744 persons where the highest level of education was recorded, 69% had achieved an NFQ level equivalent to seven or higher.


Based on administrative data available to the CSO, of the arrivals from Ukraine aged 18 and older, 91% showed activity in administrative data after 31 May.

Statistician Karola Graupner said the Arrivals from Ukraine in Ireland release is the fourth in a series of releases by the Central Statistics Office. 

Since 11 April, 13,514 arrivals have attended Intreo Public Employment Services have been support events for arrivals from Ukraine.

As of 10 July 2022, those events have been attended by 13,514 arrivals.

According to the latest available data, 6,890 arrivals from Ukraine have enrolled in schools in the academic year 2021/22, with 71% of these in primary schools and the remaining 29% in secondary schools. 

Of the 6,890 arrivals from Ukraine that enrolled in schools, 78% were successfully linked to Department of Social Protection administrative data using a pseudonymised Protected Identifier Key (PIK).

The average time between the allocation of a PPSN to enrolment in primary or secondary school was just over two weeks.  

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