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Almost 6,000 females affected by FGM in Ireland

17 Oct 2019 / human rights Print

Almost 6,000 females affected by FGM in Ireland

Some 5,795 women and girls in Ireland are dealing with the consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM).

That’s according to registered charity AkiDwA, a network for migrant women.

The group is holding a conference in Dublin this month to raise awareness of FGM as a serious issue for girls living in Ireland, and to discuss the most effective strategies for ending the practice.

FGM was banned in Ireland seven years ago, when the Criminal Justice Act 2012 was passed after a decade of campaigning.

However, the number of women and girls in Ireland at risk of FGM continues to increase, with AkiDwA’s latest estimates suggesting that 5,795 women and girls living here have to deal with the consequences of FGM.

AkiDwA has been working with Irish authorities at local and national level to end FGM for almost two decades, and has produced some of the materials currently included in gardaí training.

The conference will address the challenges in communicating about FGM and highlight the most effective strategies to encourage migrant communities in Ireland to abandon the practice.


The EU estimates that around 500,000 girls and women in Europe are living with life-long consequences of FGM and that, every year, a further 180,000 children are put at risk from this harmful practice.

AkiDwA delivers training to gardaí, healthcare professionals, social workers and psychologists on how to sensitively communicate with people affected by FGM.

The organisation believes that misunderstandings in communication about the practice pose a very serious risk to women and girls, and affect their ability to integrate into wider Irish society.

The ‘Debunking the myths about FGM’ conference will be held at the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, Green Street, Dublin 7, on 22 October, from 10am to 3.30pm.

Places can be reserved now.


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