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Nov 2018

The Gazette mission has gone through a major development with the launch of its daily news and narrated journalism service. Mark McDermott opens the portal to a whole new dimension.

Nov 2018

Stairway to heaven: the process of getting to the Supreme Court

There's a sign on the wall, but you want to be sure. Matthew Holmes reviews a number of recent decisions that can help you find the road to the Supreme Court.

Oct 2018

Save our souls: facilitating positive transitions from custody for prisoners

State agencies could be working more effectively together in order to effect a more positive transition from custody for prisoners. Jane Mulcahy asks whether there is a constitutional right to rehabilitation, reparation and reintegration?

Sep 2018

Smite them! Reforming Ireland's blasphemy laws

In November, the Government proposes to hold a referendum on removing blasphemy as a constitutional crime. Jennifer Kavanagh looks at the current law and how we have got to the referendum.

Jul 2018

Madigan's moves: meet the first female solicitor at the cabinet table

Josepha Madigan, fresh from her success in leading the recent repeal campaign, is determined to remove a constitutional clause that she believes insults working women. Mary Hallissey reports.

Jun 2018

Life's a beach: Gender, work/life balance, and the profession

If the profession is to adapt to a younger, more predominantly female cohort of solicitors, it is going to have to make significant changes in order to address the office culture. Suzanne Carthy crunches the numbers.

May 2018

Gone in a flash! 20 years of the Calcutta Run

The legal profession’s annual fundraiser, the Calcutta Run, is now in its 20th year. Mary Hallissey speaks to the event’s founders about the run’s extraordinary success and its ambitious plans.

Apr 2018

Courthouse dogs? Paws for thought

The US has pioneered the concept of ‘courthouse dogs’ – specially trained facility dogs that are allowed to accompany vulnerable witnesses in court as they testify. Patricia Hynes goes walkies.

Mar 2018

Got the Bends? Lis pendens and defaulting borrowers

The registration of a lis pendens is increasingly being used by lay litigants or defaulting borrows to frustrate the sale of charged property. Pamela Fitzpatrick comes up for air.

Feb 2018

Sign on the dotted line: Are 'comic book contracts' the user-friendly future

‘Comic-book’ contracts offer a visual approach to legal documents that proponents believe provides greater transparency and usability. Mary Hallissey turns the page.

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