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Talkin’ ’bout an evolution

Talkin’ ’bout an evolution

The Law Society Gazette's mission has evolved in the digital age

There is a scene in Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey that came to mind more than once during the past 18 months, when the Gazette was in the throes of developing its new website and daily news service:

“Dave, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“No, not at all.”

“I’ve wondered whether you might be having some second thoughts about the mission.”

“How do you mean?”

Talkin’ ’bout an evolution
Artwork designed by Nuala Redmond

Talkin’ ’bout an evolution
‘Open the pod bay doors, HAL’ ‘I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave’

Sometimes it seemed a case of one step forward, two steps back. Many times, things seemed to move beyond our control, just as they had done for Dr Dave Bowman and Dr Frank Poole as they wrestled with the paranoia of the HAL computer system that was bent on maintaining control of their spacecraft Discovery One.

As one problem was solved or resolved, another would rear its head – was the IT system friend or foe?

Wire frames

‘Wire frames’ – the basic look and feel, as well as structure of the website – were devised, revised and tested.

This was followed by the development stage with the techies from web developers, Engage.

Once our web and digital media manager Carmel Kelly was satisfied that everything was working as it should, the handover was made to the Society’s talented web team, which ‘shock-tested’ the website to ensure that all facets married seamlessly with the Law Society’s new IT set-up, System 360.

Ex machina

The desire was to move from a static to a highly dynamic website. The site had to be attractive enough to persuade members of the legal profession, and the general public, to want to visit every day.

Providing a daily news service was central to that aim. To make this happen, we brought on board journalist Mary Hallissey (formerly of the Sunday Business Post, the Irish Daily Star Sunday and the Sunday Independent) who has become a key member of the team.

We researched, developed and trialled content for the site – and introduced mobile journalism techniques to bring a new style of video news on board.

To date, our experience in covering legal conferences, seminars and press launches is that the Gazette is now one of the few media outlets attending these events. This is due to diminished resources in the daily news media.

The silver lining to this cloud is that it augurs well for Gazette.ie and will help to create demand for our online and video news service.

Dedicated channels

Allied with the Gazette.ie project, we have created dedicated social media channels on YouTube and Twitter that are being used to promote our unique content, with the help of the Society’s web and social media coordinator Derek Owens.

The daily news service, allied with the monthly magazine, will allow readers to stay informed on the news and analysis that matters to them. Gazette.ie will prove popular with commuters and those on the move, featuring:

• Daily news updates (Monday to Friday, with a ‘long-read’ feature on weekends),

• A breaking news service,

• ‘Long-read’ analysis articles that will appeal to legal and other professionals,

• Short video news clips, with ‘one-on-one’ interviews with legislators, legal experts, practitioners, and conference keynote speakers,

• Picture and video galleries, and

• Dedicated social media channels.

The day the earth stood still

Following a’ soft-launch’ period of four weeks, the Gazette.ie website and daily news service officially launched on Wednesday 14 November. Loaded with information, it’s a ‘one-stop news shop’ wrapped with all your favourite Gazette-related material.

The innovation marks a major advance for the Gazette, which has been operating as a monthly publication since 1907.

“The Gazette magazine is a historic pillar of the Law Society of Ireland,” says director general Ken Murphy. “With 1,115 issues to date, it has been a treasured source of quality legal news, views, analysis and information since 1907.

Rich history

“With the launch of Gazette.ie, we are building on that rich history for the digital era, while retaining all the essential elements of the traditional, multi-award-winning Gazette magazine.”

Director of representation and member services Teri Kelly says: “The vision to turn the Gazette magazine into an online daily legal news service has been a dream for quite a while. The Gazette and web teams have worked tirelessly to bring the dream to fruition – and it’s turned out better than we even imagined.

“Gazette.ie is a new member benefit – all members receive a free subscription to Gazette.ie in addition to the magazine. We will also be reaching a public and non-solicitor audience better than we ever have before. This is a powerful channel to bring the issues that matter to solicitors to the public forefront, including our daily breaking news service, in-depth features, video, audio, and photo galleries.

“Listening to Gazette long-read stories being narrated to me on my daily commute using the NOA app (a feature that will soon be available directly on Gazette.ie) has been a real innovation that I have personally enjoyed, and I know our members are going to love it.”

These developments, allied with our award-winning magazine, will ensure that the Gazette maintains pole position as the preferred news channel for practitioners and the public.

It’s a brave new world – and a busier one. To quote HAL: “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.”

From 1 January 2019, the online version of the Gazette and analysis articles on Gazette.ie will be available only to Law Society members and subscribers.

To subscribe, click on the ‘subscribe’ tag on Gazette.ie


Law Society Gazette at a glance

  • The Gazette has been published since1907
  • This November saw a new chapter: the official launch of the Gazette.ie daily news service
  • This development aims to ensure that the Gazette maintains pole position as the preferred legal news channel for practitioners and the general public

The Law Society Gazette has made a great leap forward with the launch of its new narrated journalism service.

In collaboration with our service partner, News Over Audio (NOA), consumers can stay informed by listening to narrated content.

NOA is the global leader in narrated journalism, and Law Society members and Gazette subscribers can now listen to the magazine’s main features being read by professional voice artists.

Download the ‘NOA: Journalism narrated’ app or visit newsoveraudio.com. From December, this service will become available to our members and subscribers direct from Gazette.ie.

The director general says: “The Gazette joins other illustrious publications such as The Economist, The New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg News and The Irish Times in providing this service.”

And, in other news, the Gazette has won three categories at the Irish Magazine Awards:

  • Journalist of the Year (for Mary Hallissey)
  • Magazine of the Year
  • Digital Product of the Year