Mr Justice Peter Charleton thanked for garda probe

12 Oct 2018 / policing Print

Mr Justice Peter Charleton thanked for garda probe

Justice minister Charlie Flanagan has thanked Mr Justice Peter Charleton for his “very thorough investigation” into allegations of Garda wrongdoing.

The third interim report of the Disclosure Tribunal can be read at

“I want to thank Mr Justice Peter Charleton for carrying out a very thorough investigation of the very serious matters covered by the tribunal’s terms of reference,” the minister said.

The tribunal’s investigation goes to the heart of how An Garda Síochána handles allegations of wrongdoing within the force.  


“It is imperative that the general public, whom the gardaí serve, have confidence in the Garda Síochána, and that any suspicion of wrongdoing is properly and fully investigated,” he said.

The minister concluded by saying that he and his officials would be carefully scrutinising the report to see what actions would be required “in the light of its contents and conclusions”.

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