Lawyer gouged by car hire firm calls for regulation

17 Oct 2018 / law reform Print

Lawyer gouged by car hire firm pleads for regulation

A Meath-based lawyer has urged immediate regulation of the car hire industry after falling victim to an outrageous scam while on holiday in Spain.

Trim-based human rights expert Kieran Cummins (pictured above) says his whole holiday was spoilt by the incident in which he was gouged for over €400 by a car hire company in Valencia for a scratch he did not cause.

The lawyer has been swamped with similar stories after sharing his experience on national media.

“This entire sector is unregulated and that needs to change,” said Kieran, who is a member of the Law Society human rights committee. 


“I have even heard of damages being charged before the vehicle is ever returned,” he said. 

While Spanish tourism authorities and consumer protection bodies have listened sympathetically to Kieran’s tale, they have very little power to sanction wrongdoing, given the lack of regulation. 

“I feel obliged to highlight this so as to raise awareness and warn others,” said Kieran.

“There are serious issues arise with regard to car hire in Europe,” he said.

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