Talkin' 'bout a revolution

Talkin' 'bout a revolution
Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity was the subject of an Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary Winter on Fire

EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine was set up in response to uprising

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In the winter of 2013/2014, the people of Ukraine embarked on a series of demonstrations that culminated in the ‘Revolution of Dignity’.

One of the key protest demands was to bring an end to the corruption that had plagued the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

This demand was intrinsically linked with the population’s lack of confidence in the rule of law. The initial protests were sparked by the decision of the then-president Victor Yanukovych, in November 2013, to suspend preparations for the signature of an association agreement with the EU.

The protests were met with police force and, ultimately, this led to fatalities and casualties.

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