Robo-lawyer counsels clients from smartphone app
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05 Dec 2018 / innovation Print

Robo-lawyer counsels clients from phone app

A legal advice app is to go on the market in Britain in early 2019, priced at £24 a month.

The app called LegalDefence will give Android smartphone users the full range of consumer legal advice and support.

The rollout will attempt to bed-in the concept of pre-paid legal services in Britain following a successful rollout in the US.

Car accident

The app has been developed by LegalShield, a US company founded in 1972 by Harland Stonecipher after he found himself financially discommoded after a car accident in which he was blameless.

LegalShield already has 1.75 million memberships across 140,000 businesses.

The on-the-ground legal advice will come from consumer law firm Slater & Gordon, with the backing of an artificial intelligence-based chatbot named ‘Gordon’.

A spokesman for the firm said that the app increases access to justice at a fair price, offering customers choice and convenience, in the palm of their hand.

Unlimited advice

Users can access unlimited advice, as well as a suite of legal documents to personalise and download.

Gordon will handle common problems and decide whether to escalate to more sophisticated advice, which will then be charged at a 25% discount on Slater & Gordon’s standard billing rate.

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