Mental health initiative for legal staff
Ann Marie Callanan, Mary Jackson and Alison Kelleher

10 Apr 2019 / people Print

Inaugural in-house mental health initiative for staff

Comyn Kelleher Tobin in Cork has become the first Irish law practice to welcome legal mental health charity LawCare to speak to all employees – solicitors, legal executives and support staff – about their services and how to ask for emotional support when needed.

LawCare is a registered charity that promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing across the legal community in Britain and Ireland with a helpline, peer support network and other resources.

Co-ordinator for Ireland Mary Jackson spoke to employees on how life in the legal profession can see individuals presented with complex issues and how it is important to recognise and promote good mental health and wellbeing without fear of stigma. 


CKT managing partner Debbie Moore said “Companies have an increasing role to play in the wellbeing of their employees.

“As a firm we recognise we have a responsibility in providing a pleasant and healthy work environment. This extends to all our employees, both in the legal profession and our support staff. A healthy, happy workplace ensures we are best placed to give the finest legal advice to our clients.”  

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