Avoid property registration errors with online training

07 Nov 2018 / property Print

Avoid property registration errors with online training

A full 15% of applications to the Property Registration Authority are rejected because of simple errors, practitioners have been advised.

These errors have an impact on solicitors and their clients by reducing the priority of the application and causing time delays.

In order to offset the wasted resources spent on assessing applications that cannot be processed, the PRA has now produced a suite of instruction videos to assist practitioners.

The videos highlight the common errors made in the preparation of applications and maps for registration.


The aim is to reduce the number of errors and increase efficiency. They cover the steps from application for registration of a change of ownership, registration of a mortgage or loan, mapping guidelines, registration of freehold and leasehold documentary titles, application lodgement forms, and rejection policy.

The PRA has also produced a set of printable checklists for the application process.

The material is available at www.prai.ie/videosavailable-on-our-applicationguidelines-page.

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