Treasa Norrby

Post-PPC II trainee solicitor and Access Scholarship recipient Treasa writes about never giving up, and keeping sight of what matters.

Dear Treasa, 

You did it. You got to where you wanted to be, even though at times it felt that you would never get there.

Life is going to throw what sometimes feels like a million obstacles in your way but I am proud of you for never giving up. You will deal with loss, raise a child and struggle financially all while trying to study, work, be a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sibling and a good partner so give yourself a break and don’t feel badly for taking a little longer to get there than others. Time does not have any bearing on the significance of what you have achieved.

And no, no you have not managed to somehow dupe the system and scam The Law Society into accepting you into Blackhall! You have got there on merit and you won’t be long realising this once you get there and see that everyone else feels the same, everyone feels like they are the imposter but you all have your strengths and weaknesses and you will help and learn from each other, because that’s what colleagues do.

Do not underestimate the value of taking the time away from study to do the things you love and enjoy. The “hobbies” part of your CV will form a large part of the conversation in interviews and what you thought was insignificant, will be what others find the most impressive.

And while you are sitting there looking out the window across the street at that law firm you always wanted to work at but felt you would never manage it, you will be looking back at your younger self on the other side of the street in a few years’ time and smile that you ever doubted yourself. 

Love Treasa. 

Treasa Norbby,
Law School Ambassador
Access Scholarship Recipient
Post PPC II Trainee Solicitor, Canny Corbett Solicitors