Georgina Parkinson

Georgina reflects on starting late in law, navigating exams and more.

Georgina PArkinson

Dear Georgina,

Well now you’re a qualified solicitor! I bet you don’t believe me, but you should because your dream recently turned into a reality. You started your foray into the legal world later than most but it allowed you to gain experience, build up resilience and realise the importance of determination on that long and windy road.

You will become so determined to reach your end goal and you won’t give up until you get there. You will also learn that you actually are capable of speed reading many text books and you are even able to retain some of it!

Although you feel like you have tricked everyone and especially the Law Society by getting through the FE-1s, going to Blackhall, passing all the PPC exams, and qualifying, you most definitely have not and you got here through your own strengths.

Looking back on your time throughout your teens and twenties you will realise that the days upon days of studying, the endless exams and then the agonising wait for the results would most definitely be worth it. The day when someone introduces you as the solicitor and you realise in a split second that they are referring to you. You will do a happy dance in your head (but obviously play it cool) and imagine yourself as the real life Elle Woods!  

Well Georgina that’s enough reminiscing, it’s time for the next challenge, and whatever that may be, you’ll manage because surely the next road cannot be as long as the last, right?

Ciao for now,