New Professional Practice Course (PPC)

A new unitary PPC will commence on Tuesday 6 September 2022.

Law Society new PPC

About the course

The Law Society is implementing a strategic plan to increase access to and streamline solicitor training in Ireland. Significant innovations have been implemented throughout education with a determined focus on diversity, inclusion and student-centred delivery.

As part of the process, the current two-part ‘sandwich course’ known as PPC I and PPC II, will be combined into a more streamlined, single course. This new unitary PPC will commence on Tuesday 6 September 2022. 

The new PPC is a fundamentally reworked course with a new syllabus, structure and suite of advanced electives. Click on the image to download the course brochure, or see more information below.

New ppc 2022

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum will run from September 2022 to April/May 2023 (inclusive of examinations) and will include a continued focus on such skills as negotiations, research, drafting, advocacy, interviewing and advising and presentation skills, together with an enhanced focus on more general skills such as leadership, project management, office and legal technology, and finance skills. Professional responsibility, including enhanced coverage of legal ethics, solicitors’ accounts and rules of professional conduct and law firm life, will also form an integral part of the core curriculum. These are in addition to courses, such as business law, dispute resolution, land law, probate, family law and taxation. Psychology of a lawyer and legal practice Irish will continue to be part of the core curriculum.

Advanced Electives

A programme of advanced electives will be provided (i) by the Law Society, (ii) some will be co-provided and (iii) external advanced electives will also be accredited. The timeline for the Society’s advanced electives will be from May 2023 to June/July 2023. To provide guidance to external providers and to ensure consistency across all offerings, the Law Society will publish in good time specific criteria for all advanced electives. Trainees will be required to complete four advanced electives, but may elect to complete more than this minimum requirement. 

In-office training

The two years (24 months) of in-office training continues as a vital and essential vocational component of the overall training to become a solicitor. The in-office training period commences 14 days after the last exam on the Professional Practice Course (PPC). Trainee solicitors will continue to be entitled to potentially benefit from four months’ credit for in-office training occurring prior to commencing the PPC.

Fees & Funding

The provisional fee for the core course which runs from September to April/May is €10,500. The provisional fee for advanced electives undertaken with the Law Society is €600 for each course. However trainees choosing to take multiple advanced electives with the Society will benefit from discounts. 

The Law Society is fully committed to providing excellent professional training to our future solicitors. We look forward to welcoming trainee solicitors to the new PPC on September 2022.


If you have any queries about the programme, please contact Education Standards Manager Rory O'Boyle.

Application pack

Download documents to complete your 2022 PPC application below.

  1. PPC Application pack
  2. Form 1
  3. Annexe to Form 1
  4. Form 2A
  5. Annexe to Form 2A
  6. Form 2B
  7. Annexe to Form 2B
  8. Appendix Schedule Revision document
  9. Disability Status Notification Form DN1 (Word and PDF format)
  10. Disability Status Notification Form DN2 (Word and PDF format)