Check in regularly for the latest timetable and course information for PPC I below.

PPC I 2021

The 2021 PPC I will start on 7 September 2021 and will be delivered within public health guidelines through a partial on-site and online blended learning approach.

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Safe return to campus

Incoming students should familiarise themselves with the guidance and information on returning to campus. Click on the cover below to download the document.

safe return to campus ppc

General Information

  • Start Date: Tuesday 7 September 2021
  • End Date: March 2021 (inc exams)

Please note: iPad collection, training and iPad clinics for PPC 1 trainees will take place over the first few days of the course. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

Useful Links

  • iPad Selection - all trainees are required to select an iPad by Wednesday 14 July 2021
  • Upload photo for ID card - to gain access to the entire Law Society campus, you must have a valid Law Society student card. All PPC I trainees are required to upload a digital photo by 1 September 2021. Click on the photo under the Edit Profile area and upload an image of less than 4mb.
  • PPCI 2021 Timetable  - updated 9 Sept 2021
  • Core and Skills Group Information - updated 6 Sept 2021 @ 11pm

Timetable Information

Small group learning sessions and tutorials will be delivered on-site at Blackhall Place over 3 consecutive days during the week. You will be divided into tutorial groups with core groups 01-12 on-site Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and core groups 13-24 on-site Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This structure can vary at various points throughout the timetable.  Lectures will be delivered online via Moodle, our virtual learning environment. Online learning will take place over two days and will include a combination of recorded and live streamed content.

A .pdf version of the timetable is available to download .  All students will be given access to an iCalendar at the iPad induction sessions, which once downloaded will update your Outlook and/or iCalendar. Updates to the timetable will be pushed out automatically.

It is important to note that the timetable will always be subject to change due to situations that can arise over which we have no control.

Core and Skills Tutorial Group Information

Only students with a registered status will be allocated a core tutorial group.

In order to obtain a status of registered - trainees must have paid the course fee and returned correctly completed Deed of Indentures etc. If you still have questions re your application – please email traineesection@lawsociety.ie.  

Each trainee will be allocated a set Core Tutorial Group and a different Skills group for the duration of the PPC course.  The core and skills group information will be available to download 1 week prior to the commencement of the course. 

Course Materials

All course reading and study material are included in your fees and you will not be required to purchase any books.

We are distributing a large amount of materials on the first couple of days of the course and advise that you bring a suitable bag/case.

Application pack

Prospective trainee solicitors can now download the 2021 PPC I Application Pack. Deadline is 1 July 2021:


For help with rental properties in Dublin, see our accommodation guide.

PPC I iPads

Included in course fees for PPCI 2021 students are course materials and an iPad 8th Generation 10.2-inch WiFi 32GB iPad, this iPad also supports the Apple Pencil should you wish to purchase one. Please note, we are offering a facility to allow trainees upgrade to a higher spec iPad, please note our options are limited due to Apple constraints worldwide.  We would advise that you consult www.apple.com/ipad/ before making your choice.

All PPCI trainees are required to select an iPad from Wednesday 7 July from 9pm until Wednesday 14 July 2021 by 2pm

  1. Log into the Law Society website using your Law Society ID number (also known as your FE-1 number). If you need to, you can reset your password. For assistance, contact webmaster@lawsociety.ie.
  2. Select your iPad - either the 10.2-inch 32GB iPad or upgrade to another iPad in the list.
  3. Print off your receipt as proof of purchase prior to collecting your iPad during the induction days early September.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to accept any requests to upgrade after the closing date outlined above.

The upgrade cost must be paid by the trainee to enable the payment to be processed.

iPad choices

See choices below. If you decide on the 8th Generation 10.2inch 32GB iPad there is no additional cost to the student, but you must log in and confirm your selection online -  select your iPad.

  1. iPad 8th Gen 10.2-inch WiFi 32GB - €0.00 (no additional cost, included in course fees)
  2. iPad 8th Gen 10.2-inch WiFi 128GB - €110
  3. iPad Air 10.9-inch WiFi 64GB - €290
  4. iPad Air 10.9-inch WiFi 256GB - €460
  5. iPad Pro 3rd Gen 11-inch WiFi 256GB - €630
  6. iPad Pro 5th Gen 12.9-inch WiFi 256GB - €950

iPad Setup /IT Induction

Student iPad deployment and iPad training will take place over the first few days of the course during the IT Induction sessions. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

  • iPads will be handed out to the students at the IT Induction sessions during the first few days of the PPC1 course
  • Bring your iPad receipt/proof of purchase
  • Bring your Apple ID username and password to your IT Induction session. This is required for all trainees. For help setting up an Apple ID, got to manage your account on the Apple website or contact Apple Support
  • Read the Apple Customer Privacy Policy and Apple Terms and Conditions.

iPad queries

If you have any queries regarding iPads, please email iPad@lawsociety.ie.

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