Working with solicitors

We support the profession through training, and regular communication - in collaboration with Law Society Professional Training and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Project.

wellbeing seminar

Training collaboration

Law School Psychological Services collaborates on a suite of Programmes with a psychological and human development component.

Certificate in Professional Education

This Certificate in Professional Education is aimed at professional educators who design and/or deliver programmes to professionals. The course is suited to educators from a range of professional fields including law, medicine, accountancy, taxation, pharmacy and international education.

Executive Leadership Programme

The Law Society Executive Leadership programme is designed to tackle the intricacies of effective leadership. The programme equips participants to take control of their careers and exert leadership and influence in all kinds of professional settings. This programme has successfully trained lawyers from a range of sectors including (large, medium and small scale) private practice, corporate, in-house, general counsel, local authority and other governmental bodies. It also attracts professionals from other sectors - adding to the range of perspectives and expertise within the group.

Manager as Coach

This programme is a combination of theory and experiential learning, providing participants with the tools and frameworks required to understand when coaching is appropriate; to hold effective coaching conversations and to use a coaching approach for talent development and management.

Professional Wellbeing for Success

The Law Society holds an annual conference Entitled ‘Professional Wellbeing for Success’. Drawing upon the latest psychological research and clinical practices, this conference explores tools and strategies that practitioners can use right away in their personal or professional lives.

Information and communication

Workplace Wellbeing Gazette Column

The Law Society Psychological Service contributes a regular column in the Gazette, providing information and support in relation to workplace wellbeing and addressing topics of psychological awareness in a personal and professional setting. We have a range of guests who contribute to the column which seeks to normalise the challenges of professional life.

Social Media presence

The Law Society Psychological Service regularly posts materials relating to mental health, wellbeing, psychological development etc. We integrate a twitter activity in our Shrink Me workshops inviting trainees to post supportive messages about wellbeing to their peers and the wider profession using the hashtag #SolicitorShrink