Therapeutic approaches

We support trainee solicitors through time-concentrated therapy and group work.

therapeutic approaches

A growing service

The Law School Psychological Service is unique in professional legal education internationally, integrating short-term therapy with professional development and education.

This aspect of our Service is growing at an incredible pace year on year. We now see over 52% of trainee solicitors during the course of their PPC training. Trainees have moved from the traditional view of engaging with therapy only in a time of crisis to seeing this as an integral part of their own personal and professional development.

participation growth

We have a team of eight fully qualified psychotherapists who see students on site Monday-Friday.  

Time concentrated therapy

 Over the past number of years we have developed and evolved a unique model of time-concentrated therapy. This is a form of therapy informed by clinical principles of psychotherapy. Though relatively brief in time (five to seven sessions over a couple of months) we work at psychological and emotional depth, unlike other short-term modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This yields greater change and longer lasting relief for participating students, who are in good psychological health entering therapy and so can make excellent progress.

Having this Service on–site and available free of charge allows trainees to integrate personal and psychological development alongside their cognitive and legal skill development. This makes for more rounded solicitors who are better equipped for the demands of professional life.

Students report feeling that engaging with therapy in a professional educational context enables them to complete their professional duties more confidently. Students also report learning to seek assistance and support with greater ease, which is key to avoiding serious ethical or technical difficulties in the future.

Participant feedback

“I believe the more grounded and secure I am personally, the better I perform professionally.”

“I found the service to be so worthwhile and it has been one of the most beneficial aspects of the PPC experience for me. I hope it continues and expands for students in the future.”

“Gave me more self-confidence and understanding that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed or questioning my own ability.”

Reflective Practice groups

We have begun piloting 12 week reflective practice groups for trainees. This is proving both popular and impactful in empowering trainee solicitors to get the most from their training experience. We mix groups of trainees from different stages of training to optimise peer learning and peer support. Held in the evenings, the groups allows trainee solicitors who are currently back in their offices to attend as well as those who are attending PPC.