Shrink Me

Shrink me explores the psychology of being a lawyer with students at the Law School.

shrink me law school

Psychology of a lawyer

The Professional Practice Course (PPC) has evolved greatly over recent years. It now has three distinct pillars reflecting the diverse demands placed on solicitors. These pillars are:

  1. Legal/technical knowledge
  2. Legal skills
  3. Psychology of professionalism

Why understanding psychology matters

Psychological awareness avoids burn-out, prevents underachievement, and builds resilience and contentedness.

Solicitors carry out complex work with a broad range of clients - many of whom are stressed or vulnerable. Without adequate support, trainee solicitors can themselves become impacted by that stress. At the extreme end, this can result in vicarious trauma. At an everyday level mounting stress can lead to burn-out and adversely affect wellbeing.

About the module

The Shrink Me module is designed and delivered by experienced Psychotherapists and Executive Coaches who have extensive experience of working with legal professionals. We aim to equip trainees to thrive – both personally and professionally. 

Shrink Me themes include the psychology of:

  • a lawyer
  • a law firm
  • leadership
  • personal and professional wellbeing
  • belonging (diversity and inclusion)
  • creativity.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

Following on from the Shrink Me Module, you can download some interesting and informative articles on Mental Health and Wellbeing.