Check in regularly for the latest timetable and course information for PPC I below.

PPC I 2017

Start Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017
End Date: 
Thursday 15 March 2018 (inc exams)

Please note: iPad training and iPad clinics for PPC 1 trainees will take place over the first two days of the course. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

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PLEASE NOTE, the IT Team have reset all incoming trainee passwords in order to set up your PPC1 student accounts, as a result you can't upload a photo, purchase a locker until after your induction session. 

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Timetable Information

A draft version of the upcoming PPC1 2017 Timetable is available to download.

For the duration of the PPC1 trainees will have access to an iCalendar which once downloaded will update your Outlook and/or iCalendar. Updates to the timetable will be pushed out automatically. 

It is important to note that the timetable will always be in a draft status due to situations that can arise over which we have no control e.g. lecturers having to cancel at the last minute, bad weather etc.

Stream Information

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to take stream requests this year and there are various reasons for this. We anticipate we will only be running two streams. This means that the start times are very close together, with only a half an hour difference between the two most days. Also, we are auto-assigning students to tutorial and skills groups. These are generated through our central system and we cannot manually assign a person to a particular stream. 

Core and Skills Tutorial Group Information

Only students with a registered status will be allocated a core tutorial group.  

In order to obtain a status of registered - trainees must have paid the course fee and returned correctly completed Deed of Indentures etc.  If you still have questions re your application – please email traineesection@lawsociety.ie.

iPad Information

ALL Trainees are required to identify the iPad they wish to receive as part of the upcoming PPC1 2017.  In order to select your iPad, trainees must be logged in using your 8 digit student reference ID number (also known as your FE1 number).  Please note if you select the default iPad 9.7-inch WiFi 32GB there is no additional cost to the student. 

Students can select their iPad from Thursday 10th August until Thursday 17th August 2017 @ 5pm. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to accept any requests to upgrade after this date and all incoming trainees thereafter will be issued with the standard iPad 9.7-inch WiFi 32GB. 

You are required to print off your iPad receipt as you will need to produce this as proof of purchase prior to collecting your iPad. 

The upgrade cost must be paid by the trainee to enable the payment to be processed.  Please click on the iPad that you would like to receive and proceed to checkout.   

If you need to, you can reset your password.

We would suggest that you consult www.apple.com/ipad/ to select an iPad that best suits you before making your choices. 

If you have any queries re iPads, please email our IT team: iPad@lawsociety.ie

iPad Setup 

Student iPad training and iPad clinics will take place over the first two days of the course. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory. 

We require ALL students to have an Apple ID.  If you do not already have an Apple ID please make sure that you set-up your Apple ID account.  Please remember to bring your Apple ID user name and password with you to your induction session.

If you already have an Apple ID but are unsure of your username and/or password please go to the manage your account area on the Apple website. 

If you require further support on setting up an Apple ID please use the following link for Apple Support.

Please ensure that you have also read the Apple Customer Privacy Policy  and Apple Terms and Conditions.

Course Materials FAQs

  • Do I need to study before commencing the PPC I?
  • Will I get my books before the course starts?
  • What books, if any, do I need to purchase?
  • When do I collect my materials?
  • How will I know when to pick up my books?
  • What happens if I miss a collection?
  • You will not be receiving any study materials in advance of the course.

All course reading and study material are included in your fees and you will not be required to purchase any books.

Please be advised we are distributing a large amount of materials on the first couple of days of the course and we advise that you bring a suitable bag/case. Lockers can be purchased online - see below.

You must attend this distribution. Failure to do so will result in you being charged the last collection fee (€5 per booklet). The first distribution is listed on the timetable, but notification will be given for all scheduled distributions via Moodle, the plasma screen (in the atrium) and by email. In some instances, we will also send a text message. The onus is on each Trainee to attend at that correct time, otherwise the late fee will be charged.

There will be several more distributions during the course and whilst we try and ensure that all materials are available to you well in advance, it may be the case that updates only become available immediately prior to a lecture or tutorial. You will be notified of each distribution by text (if you provide your mobile number), on Moodle (our trainee intranet), by email and on the plasma screen in the Atrium.

No excuses will be accepted for not collecting materials at the designated time. If you do miss a distribution then you will be subject to paying the €5.00 late collection fee (per booklet) and no exceptions will be made. This could prove costly so it is in your best interests to arrive at the correct time. You will be required to sign for all course materials.

Locker Information FAQs

  • Is everyone issued with a locker?
  • How do I apply for a locker?
  • What are the advantages of renting a locker?
  • What is the cost?
  • When do I get my key?

Lockers are available in both the Education Centre and the main Law Society building for a €50 (non-refundable) fee and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please note: we have a limited number of premium lockers which are located close to the main lecture theatre and contain built-in USB chargers which are mobile and tablet compatible. Locker keys will be to available to collect from reception during the iPad induction days if purchased online before 4 September 2017.

To purchase a locker and ensure that they are allocated to the correct trainee, students must log onto the website using their Student ID number.

A €5.00 replacement fee will be applicable if you lose or misplace your key. All property is left at the owner’s risk.

To reserve a locker please click on the following link - Locker Rental

Trainee ID Cards FAQs

  • Do I need a Trainee ID Card?
  • How do I obtain my Trainee ID Card?
  • When do I receive my Trainee ID Card?

Trainees must carry a valid ID card at all times. Your ID card contains a barcode unique to you. This card is used for monitoring attendance, identification for collecting materials, entering exams etc. This card is also a smart card and can be used to buy print credit by topping up online. 

In order to receive your Trainee ID Card, we require ALL trainees to upload a suitable digital (.jpeg) passport-type photograph to your profile on the Law Society Website. 

  • Upload your ID photos - 
    • Trainees must be logged in using your 8 digit student reference ID number (also known as your FE1 number)
    • At the top right hand of the screen click on your profile name and a drop-down will appear.  Click on View My Dashboard.
    • This will bring you to your profile page, click on the Edit Profile button.
    • This will bring you to the Edit Profile page, click on the link ‘upload profile picture’ and select the file you want to upload.  The image must be of type .jpeg/.jpg. 

Attendance FAQs

  • Will my attendance be monitored?
  • What happens if I can’t attend a particular lecture or tutorial?
  • What happens if I’m absent for a period of time?

Attendance at all lectures and tutorials is mandatory. Tutors monitor attendance at tutorials. Trainees who fail to attend 7 tutorials will be asked to meet with Geoffrey Shannon (Deputy Director of Education). Trainees who fail to attend 9 tutorials will be asked to meet with TP Kennedy (Director of Education), and at that stage the training solicitors will be notified.

Failure by a student to attend any part of any module on the Skills Course, (whatever the reason for such non-attendance), may be treated as a failure to complete the Skills Course and therefore a failure to meet the skills attendance requirements on the PPC I. Failure to meet the skills attendance requirements will have the consequences specified in the Skills Attendance Policy

Extra Mural Classes

The Law School are pleased to offer trainees the option to participate in extra curricular classes during their training on PPCI. The classes are varied and although not specific to the Profession, are designed to enhance personal development. They are a great opportunity to meet contemporaries outside of their usual training classroom setting and develop relationships based on personal interests, which may prove useful in the future.  As classes become available they will be posted to your iTunes U General Information Course page.