PPC II 2019

Check in regularly for the latest timetable and course information for PPC II below.

Dates for PPC II for PPC I 2017 trainees

Start: Monday 8 April 2019
End: Tuesday 2 July 2019 (including exams)

Course downloads and key information

Click on the links below to access key information for your PPC II course. Please check back regularly for updates. 

An updated core and elective group booklet will be available later today, 9 April.

PPC II - modules and attendance

PPC II 2019 consists of four compulsory modules and three elective modules. It is a full-time course so you will need to be available during the week, Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 6:00pm (or 8:00pm depending on your elective choices). 

Attendance on core subjects will be strictly monitored and it is your responsibility to attend your allotted tutorial and lecture time:

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Timetable and forms

Please note the PPC II timetable is always in a draft format and is subject to change.  


For the duration of the PPC II trainees will have access to an iCalendar which once downloaded will update your Outlook and/or iCalendar. Updates to the timetable will be pushed out automatically. 

Core Group Subjects 

(PPCM / Employment Law / Advanced Family & Child Law and / English Property Law)

Core and Elective Group information

  • Confirmed elective choices - emailed to all trainees propc email account Thurs 6th March 2019.

iCalendar - Electives

It is important to note that the timetable will always be in a draft status due to situations that can arise over which we have no control e.g. lecturers having to cancel at the last minute, bad weather etc.

Tutorial Group Information

Core tutorial group information will be available to download at 6pm on the 5th april 2019. Please note: only trainees with a "REGISTERED" status will be appointed a tutorial group (if you have not registered fully, you will not receive this information until your status changes).

If you have any queries in relation to your application - please contact the Traineeship section

Students will be allocated one tutorial number for four core subjects only:

  1. PPCM
  2. Employment Law
  3. Advanced Family & Child Law and
  4. English Property Law

Each chosen elective has a separate tutorial group number.

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Stream Requests

Unfortunately, we cannot take stream requests due to the nature of the PPC II course. Your attendance time will depend on your elective choices so it is not possible to allocate people to a specific start and/or finish time.

Credit Application

Applications for a credit must be made in writing no later than Friday 24 March 2019.

The activity for which you are claiming a credit must be completed before the commencement of PPC II. Please note that the activity for which you apply for a credit will preclude you from choosing the corresponding elective. For example, the Diploma in Commercial Conveyancing would preclude you from choosing Commercial Conveyancing or the Diploma in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law would preclude you from choosing Technology & Intellectual Property Law. If you are unsure of your choices, please contact Lynda Sheane.

  • Elective Credit Application form


Lockers are available in both the Education Centre and the main Law Society building for a €25 (non-refundable) fee and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note: we have a limited number of premium lockers which are located close to the main lecture theatre and contain built-in USB chargers which are mobile and tablet compatible. Locker keys will be available up to 10 April if purchased online before 5 April 2019.

To purchase a locker and ensure that they are allocated to the correct trainee, you must log in using your Trainee email address:

 A €5 replacement fee will be charged if you lose or misplace your key. All property is left at the owner’s risk.

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Conditions of admittance to PPC II

Can I attend PPC II even if I haven't completed the 11 months training period?

You will need to make an application to the Education Committee to include:

  • The reason for your absence. Please also ensure that anticipated or actual absences should be brought to the attention of the training executive at the earliest opportunity.
  • A description of the work experience gained during pre and post PPC I time in the office.
  • Confirmation whether or not you were working in a solicitor’s office before the PPC I and if so for how long
  • An undertaking from you to confirm that you will complete any time that has been missed from the two year period of in-office training.

Your application should be accompanied by a letter from your training solicitor explaining:

  • The time you have spent in the office between the PPC I and the PPC II
  • The time you have spent in the office pre PPC I
  • The experience you have gained in the office (including both pre and post PPC I experience) with particular reference to the Blocks of Experience contained in the Indenture Deed
  • Whether or not your training solicitor supports your application. 

Registration 2019 - Form 6

The PPC II Registration Form (Form 6) will be posted to your Training Solicitor mid to end of February 2019. PPC II Registration takes place at Blackhall Place, in the Michael O Mahony Room in Green Hall. To minimise delays please register on the day allocated to you by reference to your surname.

  • Form 6
  • Guide to Completing Form 6
  • Letter to Trainee with Form 6
  • Letter to Training Solicitor with Form 6
  • Letter to Training Solicitor

When to register

  • A-H: Tuesday 12 March 2018, 9.30am-1.30pm
  • I-N: Wednesday 13 March 2018, 9.30am-1.30pm
  • O-Z: Thursday 14 March 2018, 9.30am-1.30pm

To register, please bring Form 6 and a cheque or bank draft for the amount of the fees made payable to Law Society of Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to attend on the day allocated to me?
We ask that you attend on the day allocated to you. We obviously want to avoid large numbers of trainees trying to register on the same day as this would result in huge waiting times. It might even mean that we could not have time to process everyone who hoped to get registered that particular day. If you really cannot attend on your allocated day you could ask someone else to register on your behalf or attend on another day. 

Am I required to take an annual leave day to attend registration?
There is nothing in the regulations that addresses this specific question. Therefore it is a matter to be decided between you and your training solicitor. In our experience firms will apply different rules depending on their circumstances. 

My training solicitor will not allow me to attend registration?
As registration is compulsory we have asked your training solicitor for their cooperation in this regard. However please keep in mind that somebody can register on your behalf.

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Fees, Grants and Salaries

What is the deadline for payment of fees and how much are the fees?
The PPC II course fees for 2019 are €4500. Course fees must be paid by the date allocated to you for registration. 

I received a grant on the PPC I – how much should I pay towards my fees on the PPC II?
For example, if you were awarded the Post Graduate Fee Contribution of €2,000 then SUSI will send us the remainder of your grant €666.66. The balance of €3833.34 is therefore payable at registration. If you were awarded the Post Graduate Tuition Fees of €6,270 then we are due to receive the remainder of your grant €2,090 from SUSI. The balance of €2410.00 is therefore payable at registration.

I haven’t received approval for a grant for the PPC II - will I still get a grant?
If you did receive a grant for PPC I and you successfully renewed your application then you can expect to receive the balance of your grant for the PPC II. If you are in receipt of a grant you only need to pay the balance of your PPCII fees after taking into account the expected grant payment. The amount payable by SUSI depends on what type of grant you are in receipt of.

If you are unclear about your grant status for PPC II, please contact SUSI without delay.

I did not receive a grant for PPC I – can I apply for a grant for PPC II?

If you were ineligible or your application for a grant for PPC I was refused then you can still apply for a grant for PPC II. Please contact SUSI and provide them with details as to why you are applying now i.e. change of circumstances. There are no guarantees that your application will be approved.

My training solicitor refuses to pay me while I am on the course
Under the National Minimum Wage Act, trainees must be paid while attending this course. Find out more about your Employment Rights.

Does my training solicitor have to pay my fees?
No, unless you have an agreement to the contrary.

Should I have gained experience in all of the blocks before I can commence PPC II?
You do not have to have gained experience in all of the blocks before you can commence PPC II, as long as your training solicitor has provided you with experience in some of the blocks it is fine.

Completing Form 6

How many days can I be absent from the office?
Statutory holidays plus sick leave not exceeding 10 days. If you have been out of the office on sick leave for an extended period we will require medical certificates.

What is my Indenture commencement date?
This is the date you commenced training with your training solicitor post PPC I. This date is 14 days after the last exam on PPC I.

Does my secondment placement have to complete Form 6?

Does my Secondment Solicitor have to sign the Form 6?
No. The Form 6 needs to be completed by your training solicitor, as you were still indentured to them while on secondment.

  • Guide to Completing Form 6
  • Letter to Training Solicitor with Form 6

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