Other Resources and Seminars

Other Resources and Seminars

GDPR Seminars

Online live webinars and online on demand seminars giving an introduction to data protection law and detail on areas such as Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches, are available from Law Society Professional Training and Law Society Finuas Skillnet.


For assistance in navigating the GDPR, see the following responses from fellow practitioners to common queries:

Cyber security

For information and resources to protect your firm and clients from cyber attacks, visit the Law Society Cyber Security section.

Covid-19 guidance

Other Resources

Practitioners may find the following resources useful:

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact the Society for assistance when interpreting data protection duties affecting you. While we cannot provide you with legal advice, we will endeavour to help you navigate your way through best practice principles. Practitioners can contact the Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law Committee Secretary, Katherine Kane, at k.kane@lawsociety.ie