Managing a practice toolkit

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In recognition that smaller practices have a distinct profile resulting in specific ways of doing business, we are offering the following resources to meet your specific business needs. Use the tabs above to find resources on Marketing, People, Operations and Finance.

Growth strategy support

The following resources can guide you through the steps to help you build a plan to grow your business.

2018 Market study

For key insights and strategic recommendations to assist you to grow your businesses and achieve greater success, read Crowe's market study, which was commissioned by the Law Society.


Market research to help you better understand clients and competitors and identify changes and trends in the sector is important to support decision-making in strategy and planning.

Useful external links

Local Enterprise Offices

Chamber of Commerce

State resources

marketing resources law society

Marketing is key to business growth - learn more in this section about presenting your business in a positive way, assistance with various marketing channels including with your own website, and leaflets on key legal topics you can brand for your clients. 

Create a marketing plan

Use this marketing workbook in alignment with your growth strategy:

Client Communications

Getting your practice noticed

Case Management


Website set up/templates

Member Logo

As a practising, paid-up member of the Law Society, you can download your own member logo for use in your office, online and on your stationery.

Useful videos

Benefits of Marketing in a Small Legal Practice

Knowing clients, aligning and reputation management – quick 5 minute summary.


How to Market a Small Legal Practice

Considering opportunities and establishing a niche – quick 5 minute guide.



Networking with colleagues and other professionals is key to growing your client base, increasing referrals, knowledge-sharing and problem-solving - learn more:


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See below for resources to help you find, manage and look after your staff. Click on the tabs above for assistance in running efficient, cybersecure operations as well as tools for reducing costs

Law Society links

Managing your people for performance

Continual communication, monitoring and training is important to achieve and maintain improved levels of performance and development. A guide to performance management, choosing staff and other policies are available for your use in this section.

Employment precedents

A range of work policies including parental leave, maternity and grievance are available for your use below:

operations management resources law society

Finding Efficiencies

Eliminate waste within your business processes and reduce errors by applying 'Lean Six Sigma' Principles:

Maximising Operations

We've provided helpful explainer leaflets and templates for you in the areas of critical dates, insurance and client instructions sheets.

Precedents list

The Law Society offers precedents for your use that cover a range of legal areas including conveyancing, family law and employment law:

Cyber security

It's very important to any business today to stay alert to the dangers of cyber crime - the Society's dedicated section on cyber security publishes guidance and regular alerts to help keep your business safe:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

This section provides information to assist in interpreting your statutory anti-money laundering (AML) obligations. 


Know what you need to do if a complaint is made against you:

Law Society Library

Structures and policies

  1. Health and Safety policy
  2. Risk assessments 
  3. Covid-19 Supports
  4. Covid Risk Assessment Policy
  5. COVID-19 Information for Employers and Employees
  6. Return to Work/Reopening policy
  7.  Sample Covid-19 Contact Log 
  8. Government supports for COVID-19 impacted businesses
  9. Business Continuity Planning: Checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19

Shared office space

Have you thought about how co-working might work for your practice? Learn more about this collaborative and cost-efficient option:

Managing expenditure

The ready reckoner (updated in 2019) is a useful budgeting tool to help you manage your expenses:


Help with completing the Reporting Accountant's Reports and related 2014 regulations is available at the link below:

Practice Notes