Jason Laverty

2020/201 Grant Recipient, Browne & Co. Solicitors LLP, Co. Donegal

Jason Laverty Small PRactice Traineeship GrantThe Small Practice Traineeship Grant was an initiative set up by the Law Society of Ireland to facilitate smaller firms and practices outside the main provincial areas of Dublin, Cork and Galway to employ trainees. The grant provides a total of €25,000; €7,000 of which is a contribution towards the cost of your PPC 1 fees together with a subsidy paid to your firm for employing you during your traineeship of €750.00 per month for a 24 month period.

I had always intended to do the PPC course upon completion of my FE-1 exams however the thought of spending time in Dublin was putting me off completing the course. I am a bit of a home bird! I was conscious of the initial fee of €8,300 for the PPC Course and while I was working in the office whilst completing my FE-1s so I had the ability of doing some saving for the course, or attempting to. It was still a worry trying to figure out where I was going to get the funds for the course and then the costs of maintaining myself whilst in Dublin, a worry I am sure every PPC student has.

The Small Practice Traineeship Grant together with the PPC Hybrid Course allowed me not only to initiate my traineeship without the initial worry of the fees but also not having to spend an extended period of time away from home. My training firm was always supportive of me completing the course and were delighted with the grant to help towards the cost. I was already employed in the firm prior to my traineeship so it was great to be able to stay there and complete my traineeship. I am 20 minutes from my home which suits perfect.

The grant is the first of its kind run by the Law Society and should be applied for by anyone who fulfils the criteria. The application process is very simple and each and every firm around rural areas will welcome the additional pair of hands in the office. If a grant is available towards the costs of employing you, it will also undoubtedly help keep you near home to complete your traineeship. The benefits of this initiative for both trainees and practices in rural areas cannot be emphasised enough!

Anyone thinking on it should check on the Law Society website as a simple comprehensive guide is available.