Professional Wellbeing Charter signatories

The following firms, and in-house and public sector legal teams, have joined the Law Society of Ireland in committing to pro-actively improving wellbeing in the workplace by signing the Professional Wellbeing Charter.

Signatories to the Professional Wellbeing Charter will work to create a healthy workplace culture characterised by behaviours and practices that promote trust, respect, honesty, fairness, compassion and psychological safety.

List of firms, in-house and public sector legal teams

(As of 16 April 2021)

Beale & Co. Solicitors
BHSM Solicitors
Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors
Cahill & Cahill Lawyers
Callan Tansey Solicitors
Coleman Legal
Dillon Solicitors
Donegans Solicitors
Ebrill Solicitors 
Eugene F Collins
Fitzsimons Redmond Solicitors
Hayes Solicitors LLP
Holmes O’Malley Sexton Solicitors
INDOS Financial (Ireland) Limited
Irish Rule of Law International 
Jordan & Kennelly Solicitors
JW O'Donovan Solicitors
Lavelle Partners
Law Society of Ireland
Leman Solicitors
Lynch Solicitors LLP
Mary Arnold Solicitor
MDM Solicitors
O'Connor Mullen Solicitors
Philip Lee
Regan Solicitors
Richard Grogan & Associates
Popa and Co. Law Firm
Sonia McEntee Solicitors
The Law Department, Dublin City Council
Thomas J O Halloran Solicitors 
William Fry