A new service supports mental health and resilience in the legal community.


LegalMind is an independent, confidential, low-cost mental health support for Law Society members and their dependants. It is provided by the high-quality mental health service provider, Spectrum.Life, in partnership with Spectrum Mental Health. The support is a permanent support based in Ireland, there for you and your colleagues through any personal or professional challenges.

How LegalMind works

Law Society members anywhere in Ireland can call LegalMind at any time of the day or night and talk to a mental health professional about any issues they or their family may be facing. On completion of this consultation, the counsellor and you will collaboratively explore what the most appropriate next steps and supports available for you are.

Further low-cost supports may include a series of face-to-face, online video or over the phone therapeutic sessions. Within 48 hours of your initial call, you can be offered a date to speak with a mental health professional (psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist) within a 30 kilometre radius of your home, inside five working-days.

Currently, therapy sessions are taking place via online video and/or phone. Face-to-face therapy sessions will resume once the present health emergency has passed.

Accessing the service

Call LegalMind’s freephone number on 1800 81 41 77 for in-the-moment support with a mental health professional and work out a plan that feels right for you.

Register on LegalMind’s online portal for access to information about physical wellness, wellbeing, mental health, and wellbeing events. 

Benefits of the service

  • LegalMind is run by an independent mental health service provider, Spectrum.Life, in partnership with Spectrum Mental Health. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • LegalMind offers affordable mental health supports to the profession. Your first appointment will be free. After that, members will pay a reduced fee of €30 per therapeutic session.
  • LegalMind employs best practice standards, follows robust clinical and risk governance policies/procedures and is guided by a professional code of ethics.
  • LegalMind offers three levels of supports:
    • preventative supports such as talk therapy
    • early intervention supports for members facing mental health concerns or challenges
    • treatment and response supports for members experiencing a mental health crisis
  • In addition to mental health support, LegalMind offers an online portal and app which combines information and content (podcasts, videos, guidelines and articles) on physical wellness, wellbeing, mental health, and wellbeing events.

Register via LegalMind’s online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For answers to other common questions, download the LegalMind FAQ.