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The Society has been working with the Bar of Ireland and the Courts Service to ensure that members can access remote hearings in a secure fashion.

Members can access login details for virtual courtrooms, and essential technical information below. 

Pexip Classic and Pexip Infinity

Both Pexip Classic and Pexip Infinity can be accessed by browser using links or by their respective apps. The vast majority of remote courts use Pexip Classic.

Apps for each (note Pexip Classic is just referred to Pexip Service App on the app stores) are available via the normal app stores, or available for laptops via the Pexip Website (

How to tell the difference between Pexip Classic and Pexip Infinity numbers

Pexip Classic numbers are 10 digits long - to use in a browser, add the 10 digit number in place of the xxx's:

Pexip Infinity numbers are 8 digits long - to use in a browser, replace the 8 digit number in place of the xxx's:

Guidance for practitioners

To ensure the optimum experience, the Courts Service has provided the following guidance:

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Technical Requirements

The virtual courtroom is provisioned to facilitate connection from a laptop or PC using an array of internet browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox (camera and microphone required).

The virtual courtroom also supports  connection from traditional video conferencing endpoints, Skype for Business and an assortment of available video technologies Connection is also available from smartphones and tablets using the dedicated Pexip App.

Baseline Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 2.0-Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 or later
  • Free disk space of 1GB or more
  • 4 GB of RAM free physical 2GB

Network Bandwidth Requirements - Video Quality

  • High - 1280 kbps (HD)
  • Med - 768 kpbs (SD)
  • Low - 384 kpbs (SD)

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Tips for improving your video conferencing experience

  • remote hearingEnsure that your internet connection for the virtual courtroom is strong, stable and meets the requirements specified. A stable internet connection is key to achieving a successful video call and avoiding disruption.
  • Test your connection in advance. Your assigned virtual courtroom will be opened 10 minutes in advance and you may use the connection detail to test your access prior to the sitting. The virtual courtroom will close following completion of the sitting.
  • Ensure all applications on your laptop or device are closed, apart from your video stream. Additional applications may interfere with the quality of your video call and access to the virtual courtroom.
  • Be aware of how you appear to others on the call. You image will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen. Shoulders and Head centred is the recommended position.
  • When not actively speaking in the virtual courtroom, you should mute your microphone to reduce feedback and unwanted background noise.
  • remote hearingClear sound is essential for a good conferencing experience. The microphones on modern laptops are sensitive and it is not advisable to get too close. It is likely you will improve the sound quality for other users by sitting back slightly from your device. You should also ensure your laptop volume is not too high, as this will cause feedback for other users. Try reducing your volume to the minimum that is acceptable to your ears, using headphones is an alternative if feedback becomes an issue.
  • Lighting makes a big difference to how you appear to others on the conference. You should ensure you have a good light source directed towards the face and avoid having any light sources behind or directly above you. It is especially important to make sure windows and daylight sources are not behind you. Any daylight source behind you will overwhelm the camera on your laptop and you will not be easily visible.

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Contact details for technical support

If you have any queries in regard to the callover or motion list, please contact the relevant list registrar as you would in the normal way.

For any other queries, please email with ‘Virtual Courtroom’ in the subject line. 

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