Solicitor Advertising/Rules

The rules governing solicitors, including solicitor advertising, are contained in a number of sources as outlined here.

Solicitors provide legal services to the public and are regulated in what they do. The rules governing solicitors are contained in a number of sources:

  • the Solicitors Acts
  • formal regulations made in addition to the acts, (known as statutory instruments) and
  • the rules or principles of good conduct, for example the rule of confidentiality contained in the Law Society publication “Guide to Professional Conduct of Solicitors in Ireland”. 
  • In addition, there are other rules particularly relevant to solicitors in their work, for example in relation to advertising and where a solicitor provides investment advice to clients.

Solicitors Acts

Solicitors must carry out the duties required by the various acts, by the regulations and by the principles of good conduct and they must not do anything prohibited by them.

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Statutory Instruments

Visit the Irish Statute Book website for a list of relevant  statutory instruments.

For more recent statutory instruments, you can also check the website of the relevant government department.

Advertising Regulations

The Solicitors Advertising Regulations were introduced pursuant to Section 4 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 2002, which preserves the right of a solicitor to advertise, but severely restricts personal injuries advertising. See more information below. 

Panel to assist Solicitors

Solicitors notified by the Society of a complaint made against them, or of other difficulties relating to their practice, can contact a panel member for assistance with formulating a response. For more information and contact details, solicitors can check their Law Directory or visit the Guidance & Ethics Committee's Resources page

Investment Advice

Relevant legislation or regulations relating to investment advice are as follows: