Steps to take

When considering making a complaint against a solicitor, please follow the steps outlined here.

How to make a complaint

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. Write to the solicitor explaining your dissatisfaction and allow a reasonable time for the solicitor to reply. Send a copy of this letter to the Senior Partner of the firm in question (if there is one).   
  2. If you do not get satisfaction, consider carefully whether the Law Society can investigate your complaint. See our information booklet Complaints about Solicitors.
  3. Complete our complaint form and send it to the Complaints and Client Relations Section, George's Court, George's Lane, Dublin 7. We cannot open a complaint file until we have a signed complaint and a postal address.
  4. Set out, in a concise manner, the basis of your complaint and the name and address of your solicitor. If you have more than one complaint, list them in a 1, 2, 3 etc. format for ease of investigation, with copies of relevant documentation (no originals). New complaints will not be entertained once the investigation has started. If you are complaining about more than one solicitor, please make separate complaints.

Please note that complaints are dealt with in writing and all relevant correspondence in relation to a complaint will be furnished to the solicitor.

Find out more about the Complaints procedure.