Your Ideal Job?


A new Career Support programme helps solicitors to identify and evaluate career options.

Your Ideal Job? is a programme of exploration that facilitates participants to identify and move into work (and/or a work environment) that suits them best.

How it works

Participants complete self-appraisal exercises and take part in webinars. Everything in the programme can be done outside of office hours, and there is no need to disclose your identity.

You don’t have to be seeking a job chance in order to participate in Your Ideal Job? You may simply want to learn about all options that are open to you. You may be interested to learn about how other changed what they do and how they work –some in a marginal way and other in an absolutely transformational way.


  • The 'Your Ideal Job?' programme will commence in the last week of October.
  • Webinars will take place on Wednesday evenings during November.

Law Society Career Advisor Keith O’Malley will deliver the webinars and will provide one-to-one support to participants. 

Sign up

The programme is being offered to Law Society members free-of-charge but places are limited and need to be booked in advance. Please contact Shane Farrell to reserve a place on the programme.