Women on Air


Are you interested in contributing to media discussions on legal issues?

women on air media contributors

‘Women on Air’ is a voluntary organisation, supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, which promotes gender parity across the airwaves and is looking for female contributors.

The organisation is developing a nationwide database of women contributors who are willing to comment on a given field. 

Public discourse and sentiment is often heavily influenced by the views shared through media. For this reason, there is a need for gender equality and a diverse mix of contributors across the airwaves.

A ‘go-to’ resource for informed female voices

Women on Air aims for its database to become a reliable ‘go to’ contact book for broadcast professionals looking for female contributors to preclude any impression that ‘no women are available' to speak on an issue.

As legal experts, solicitors are well-placed to comment and provide analysis on a number of issues of importance and interest to the media, including family law matters, business queries, human rights issues and more.

If you are interested in contributing to local or national media, please add your voice to the list and encourage your female colleagues to do the same.


To register, set up your account on the Women on Air website. A helpful YouTube video explains the sign-up process:

Once you have registered, you can create a profile setting out your industry and broadcasting experience and can add to your profile subsequently as your experience grows.

Broadcast professionals across the country in local and national media can use this profile to find you and reach out to you for your expertise and input on relevant topics.

For more information on Women on Air, including the privacy policy and more, visit www.womenonair.ie.


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