What will the future of work look like?


Members have received a survey on the future of work from Smith & Williamson.

remote working survey

Have you found working from home challenging or beneficial? Do you feel working remotely has helped or hampered your career progression?

These are just some of the questions being asked in the survey of the profession on the future of work.

Take the survey

You will by now have received a survey, which issued directly from Smith & Williamson, seeking your views on remote and hybrid working arrangements. The survey is an opportunity to assess the challenges associated with remote working and it is hoped that we will gather useful feedback on the technology members have found useful and what additional supports the Society can provide our members in the future.

In developing the survey, the Committee has engaged in discussions with the Employment Law Committee, the Environmental and Sustainability Task Force, the Technology Committee and the Law Society’s Career Support team.

If you do not see the survey in your inbox, please search your spam folder for an email from Marc Lowry at Smith and Williamson. If you cannot find the survey email, it can be resent to you if you contact Siddharth Patel. Thank you for your engagement with this survey.