Warning: fake firm, AMcK Solicitors, and phishing attempt


Emails have been sent to members of the profession in the name of the “firm” AMcK Solicitors by a “George Cadden”.

No such firm

No such solicitors' firm is registered with or regulated by the Law Society of Ireland and no such person has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland. This is a phishing attempt from a fake firm and you are advised not to attempt to click on the link contained within these emails or view the attached files.

The Society has been informed that a number of emails have been sent out to solicitor firms from a fake solicitor firm, “AMcK Solicitors”, with an address at Unit 10, Fifth Floor, New Town Centre, Ashbourne, County Meath. The emails have been signed by a “George Cadden”. These emails contain a link to view an attachment sent by “George Cadden”.

The Law Society would like to confirm that “AMcK Solicitors” is a fake firm. No such named firm is registered with or regulated by the Society. The Society would like to further confirm that no person named “George Cadden” has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland.

Any business or transactions conducted with "George Cadden” or through “AMcK Solicitors” are not undertaken by a solicitor’s practice or an individual regulated by the Law Society of Ireland.

Any information about or dealings with George Cadden” or “AMcK Solicitors”, particularly if it involves the payment of money, should be reported to An Garda Siochána. Affected members of the public or profession can also report the matter to the Law Society by emailing pc@lawsociety.ie.

Verifying information

It should be noted that, in accordance with Section 56 of the Solicitors Act 1954, a person who is not a solicitor shall not pretend to be a solicitor or take or use any name, title, addition or description or make any representation or demand implying that he or she is a solicitor, and any person who does so shall be guilty of an offence.

Please note: you can check with the Law Society at any time to verify whether an individual is in fact a practising solicitor or if a firm is a registered and regulated firm – telephone 01 879 8700 or email pc@lawsociety.ie

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