Traineeship register


A new complimentary service can aid firms in recruiting trainee solicitors.

Supporting solicitors and trainees

The register is searchable by county, and highlights firms that welcome applications from prospective trainee solicitors. It aims to support firms in the recruitment of trainee solicitors, and also to assist individuals seeking a training contract.

Register your firm

Members can submit their details for the Traineeship Register online by completing a short form.

If you wish to amend your firm’s registration details at any stage, or to be removed from the register, you can email with that request.

Delivering Peart

The Traineeship Register was recommended by the Peart Commission Report, which advanced several proposals to improve access to the profession, innovate in education, and streamline the established training model. A number of these reforms, including the provision of a part-time PPC Hybrid and greater funding for the Access Programme, are currently in progress.


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