Take a holiday


A new article from LawCare looks at the importance of a complete break for your wellbeing.

How a holiday helps

Mary Jackson, LawCare Coordinator for Ireland, wonders how many of us are (a) taking a holiday and (b) taking a real holiday. "In other words, are you taking a work-free holiday where your leisure days on the beach, mountains, or even at home, are not dominated by work emails/texts from your firm, colleagues or clients?” she asks.

Taking a break means just that - breaking off from the routine, stress and challenges of being a solicitor and not carrying it around 24/7 in a pocket or handbag.

It is very hard to do, particularly if you are a sole practitioner. So we have a few practical tips to help you. 

Be prepared

Start to think about the following, preferably a week rather than a day before your holiday:

  • Who will be in charge while you are away?
  • What have you told them in terms of making contact?
  • Have you left briefing notes for whoever is in charge of your files?
  • Make it very clear that you need a complete break and only in urgent cases should you be contacted. 

Taking a holiday is about planning in advance. In the words of a great Irish poet and mystic, John O’Donoghue, “Take time to see the quiet miracles that seek no attention."

Contact Lawcare

LawCare supports and promotes good mental health and wellbeing across the legal community. The charity has helped thousands of legal professionals cope with a range of issues, with free and confidential support provided by trained staff and voluntees. Call 1800 991 801 or visit www.lawcare.ie.


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