State-to-state dispute settlement arbitrator panel


An EU Commission process has begun to select candidate arbitrators and trade and sustainable development experts in bilateral disputes under EU trade agreements.


Many of the trade and sustainable development (TSD) chapters and state-to-state dispute settlement mechanisms in the EU’s trade agreements rely on a pre-agreed ‘roster’ of individuals, who may serve as panellists or experts in a specific case.

Disputes concerning the application of trade and investment agreements are typically submitted to an arbitration panel composed of an uneven number of arbitrators appointed in accordance with the agreement of the parties to the dispute.

The EU has to put forward candidates for two of the three sub-lists of a roster:

  • the sub-list of individuals for the EU (who are in principle nationals of an EU Member State), and
  • the sub-list of chairpersons who are neither nationals of an EU Member State not of a third country party to the trade agreement in question.

Selection process

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment is facilitating the process of selecting EU nationals in Ireland who wish to be put forward for assessment and selection by an independent selection panel convened by the EU Commission.

Applications must be submitted to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment by 1 February 2021.


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