Solicitors with Disabilities Meeting


Colleagues who identify themselves as having a disability, and their allies, are invited to take part in an online meeting on Monday 26 April.

solicitors with disabilities

A shared platform

Solicitors and trainee solicitors who identify themselves as having a disability - and their allies – are invited to a meeting to discuss the challenges they face and options available to address them. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Zoom on Monday 26 April and will start at 7 pm.

Solicitors and trainee solicitors who attend this meeting will have a shared platform to exchange views and further mutual interests. The meeting will be a round table discussion with all participants able to contribute to all matters discussed.

This meeting is being facilitated by the Law Society of Ireland but has been instigated and is controlled by individual solicitors with disabilities. Organisers view the term ‘disabilities’ as including invisible disabilities, neurodiversity, chronic illness and mental health issues.

To get involved - and to have your say in this important initiative - please register for the meeting taking place on Monday evening, 26 April.

Getting in touch

You are welcome to send any question you may have to the Support Services team.


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