Share your Brexit preparations with colleagues


Would you like to showcase how your firm and clients are preparing for Brexit – deal or no deal?

Tell your colleagues about your experience

As the October deadline comes closer, the response by firms and their clients varies. We would like to offer you the opportunity to profile your firm’s preparations, and how your clients are responding. For example:

  • Legal advisory response: Changes to contract provisions - Brexit clauses and material adverse changes, employment contracts, etc?
  • Communication and information response: Are you communicating proactively on Brexit, updating clients on Revenue, Central Bank and other agency or sectoral updates?  
  • Internal upskilling: Have you a dedicated Brexit point of contact at departmental or firm level? Weekly/Monthly updates? Attending briefings on customs, etc and CPD events?

Every firm will have a different approach depending on their client profile, market position and capacity. Interested firms will be profiled on the Society’s main communication channels.


Please send queries or your expression of interest to Cormac Ó Culáin.


This article originally appeared in the July 2019 Law Society eZine. For more information, and to subscriber, see eNewsletters.