Practising Certificate (PC) Renewal 2021


Applications are now open for the 2021 PC Renewal, including applications for both solicitors in full-time service of the State, and those seeking Qualifying Certificates. You MUST submit your online form and pay by 1 February 2021.

Renewal online

In response to Covid-19 restrictions and in order to secure an efficient and timely renewal, all applications for the practising certificate renewal period will be made online. This includes applications for practising certificates, qualifying certificates, memberships, service of State, life cover, certificates of good standing and the new certificate of attestation for solicitors based outside the jurisdiction.

To renew, you must log in to the Law Society website with your solicitor number and password to open your pre-populated 2021 application form and submit with payment. Payments can be made through electronic bank transfer, or by credit / debit card.

The statutory deadline for receipt by the Society of completed forms, together with full payment of fees, is Monday 1 February 2021.  Please note that bank transfers must be received by the Society, not just issued from your bank account, on or before that date. 

The Society has no legal power to extend the 1 February deadline under any circumstances.

Please note that any practising certificate applications that are received by the Society after 1 February 2021 will result in the practising certificate being dated the date of actual receipt by the Society, rather than 1 January 2021.

Backdating your practising certificate

Solicitors with practising certificates dated after 1 February 2021 who have provided legal services in January 2021, or acted as a principal of a firm, are required to make an application to the President of the High Court to have their practising certificates backdated to 1 January 2021, as it is professional misconduct and a criminal offence for a solicitor to provide legal services without a valid practising certificate in place.

The Society seeks its costs in relation to this matter in the amount of €350 per individual application (that is per practising certificate backdated).

  • Further information on backdating practising certificates can be obtained from the Practice Regulation Section of the Society by emailing


If you have not completed your application as you are not acting as a solicitor in 2021, or will only commence acting as a solicitor later in the year, or if you are employed in a non-solicitor role that does not involve provision of legal services, please notify the Society at before the 1 February 2021 deadline.

Support for solicitors and firms

The Society has been preparing to support an online-only renewal with new forms of application, provision of digital downloadable practising certificates, and improved Firm Administrator tools to assist firms with managing the renewal. 

Website support

To ensure the website works properly on your device, we would recommend that you use the latest version of:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium), or
  • Mozilla Firefox

You can also find links to key information below.

Regulatory information

Find useful guidance for your application, and information on how your personal data will be processed, below.

Getting help

The following support teams are ready to help depending on the nature of your query:

Online chat is also available on key pages of the website during business hours should you need assistance from these teams.

Membership of the Society

Almost all firms take out membership of the Society for their solicitors during the PC renewal. The benefits of membership are detailed in our Member Services Directory

In addition to the wide range of services provided for members – including the Gazette, Law Directory, library services, practising member logo and attendance at the AGM – membership also gives you a voice in the future of the profession, with the right to vote in annual and provincial elections to the Council. Solicitors who are admitted over fifty years are entitled to free membership. If you are eligible, this reduction of €85 is automatically reflected on your PC form.

The Membership-only form is now live.