PIAB operations and the impact of judicial guidelines


Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) has answered common questions about the application of new Personal Injuries Guidelines.

PIAB judicial guidelines

As referenced in the President's Bulletin of 11 March, the Judicial Council has agreed a set of Personal Injuries Guidelines. The applicability of these guidelines are governed by amendments to Section 99 of the Judicial Council Act 2019 and Section 20 of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, which has been passed by the Oireachtas in the form of Part Nine of the Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021.

The Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee TD, has confirmed that the Personal Injuries Guidelines will come into effect on Saturday 24 April. The Book of Quantum will apply to all cases until the commencement date. After it is commenced, the Book of Quantum will continue to apply to all court proceedings issued before the commencement date, and also to all cases where PIAB awards have been made and not accepted prior to the commencement date, whether or not proceedings have been issued. The new guidelines will apply to all other claims, including those still before the PIAB.

Clarification on common queries

The Law Society has received correspondence from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIAB, Rosalind Carroll, in which she clarifies some matters arising from practitioner queries.

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