Opting in to the physical Law Directory


Members who wish to receive the 2022 Law Directory in hard copy format must opt in by 9 March 2022.

digital law directory

Going digital

In response to member feedback, the Law Society introduced the digital Law Directory in 2020, providing easy access to members through a mobile app and personal computers.

As a continuation of this transformation, members who would still like to receive a hard copy version of the directory should notify the Law Society of their preference as soon as possible, with the closing date of 9 March 2022.

Solicitors who want to receive a hard copy of the Law Directory should log on to the Law Society website and go to the Law Directory section in their Dashboard. You must tick the box to confirm your ‘Opt In’ preference.

Staying up-to-date

If your professional details change between practising certificate renewal dates - such as a new job title or contact details - you can access this same profile facility to ensure that all information on record about you is up-to-date. The new digital directory will reflect any status and firm changes as soon as they are saved to our system.

The Law Directory has been in publication since 1886, capturing a picture of the profession at a moment in time each year. The Law Society is committed to preserving this important archive while reducing its impact on the environment.

Members only

The digital Law Directory is only available to current members of the Law Society. Membership for 2022 can be renewed along with your Practising Certificate. Membership-only applications can be submitted online.

Solicitors are welcome to send any questions they have regarding the ‘Opt In’ requirement to lawdirectory@lawsociety.ie.