May remote hearings


Login details for High Court and selected Circuit Court hearings during May are now available online.

online remote hearings

Connecting to virtual courts

To allow practitioners to connect securely to remote hearings, login details are posted to the Law Society website at

This page is only accessible with a solicitor or trainee account, and details are updated monthly.

The page now has details for lists in May, including:

  • Bankruptcy List
  • Chancery List (Including Chancery 1 Monday Motion List)
  • Common Law Lists (ex Parte and parts 1-4)
  • Family Law List,
  • Non Jury / Judicial Review List,
  • Personal Injuries List.

To view all lists, and technical guidance for practitioners, log in to the Law Society website.


Getting support

The login details posted to the Law Society website should be used in conjunction with the Legal Diary.

If you need help logging in to your solicitor account, contact

If you have any queries in regard to the callover or motion list, please contact the relevant list registrar as you would in the normal way.


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