Make a change for wellbeing in the workplace


The Law Society invites you to pledge your commitment to wellbeing in the workplace – both here in Ireland and globally.


The Law Society has developed a Professional Wellbeing Charter with all Irish firms in mind and is actively supporting the IBA with its global research into lawyer wellbeing

You are invited to sign up to the Professional Wellbeing Charter and to carry out the IBA Lawyer Wellbeing Survey, both of which combined will impact the immediate and longer-term future of the legal profession.

By signing up to the Professional Wellbeing Charter and by contributing to the IBA Lawyer Wellbeing Survey, you can help change the narrative around mental health and wellbeing for lawyers in Ireland - and across the globe.

Professional Wellbeing Charter

The intention of the Charter is to organise the professions’ values around wellbeing in the form of commitments, and to provide a forum for solicitor firms in Ireland to commit to these publicly and collectively.  

The Charter offers firms the opportunity to work towards creating a positive workplace culture and sends a message to employees that their wellbeing is valued. It can also help to attract and retain talented people.

International Bar Association (IBA) Lawyer Wellbeing Survey

You can also have a more global impact on the future of your profession by contributing to the IBA’s Lawyer Wellbeing Survey. The survey forms part of IBA’s project on mental wellbeing in the profession, which is being launched with two global surveys: one for individual lawyers, the other for law firms and other legal institutions.
The surveys are short and anonymous, and open to Law Society members and non-members. The higher the participation rate, the more valid and useful the data is for all participating jurisdictions. 


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