Legal Costs - feedback requested


The Society’s Working Group on Legal Costs has produced a draft guide and set of precedents on new legal costs arrangements due to be commenced under the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015. The group are seeking your feedback.

This new guide will replace the requirements under Section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 1994 and put greater obligations on legal practitioners’ (both solicitors and barristers) to make and keep clients aware of their legal costs by providing written notices.

The profession will also see the introduction of new obligations regarding bills of costs and procedures for the resolution of disputes as well as periods of suspension of services after a notice has been issued to a client.    

Seeking your feedback 

While no official date has been given for the commencement of these new provisions, the Society expects it to be before the end of 2018. Therefore, we are asking the profession to review these drafts once again and to respond with any observations, ideally involving alternative text to improve them.

The guide and precedents comprises:

  1. an introduction and general guidance in relation to Section 150,
  2. six separate draft Section 150 notices covering six different types of legal service (see the different headings on each notice) and
  3. guidance and a precedent in relation to the bill of costs provisions contained in Section 152 of the Act.

Please forward all observations and draft amendments to Fergal Mawe at