In-house solicitors - why hold a PC?


Do you need some help to explain to your employer why you need to obtain and maintain a practising certificate (PC) each year?

Providing value

Around one-fifth of the membership now work as in-house solicitors in the private or public sectors. In-house solicitors provide employers with a range of benefits. However, when it comes to funding a practising certificate, employers do not always appreciate its value to the organisation.

To support in-house members, the In-house and Public Sector Committee have compiled some brief information that members can use in discussions with their employer. This includes information on:

  • The statutory and regulatory requirements for solicitors to hold a PC.
  • The benefits of hiring an in-house solicitor holding a PC.
  • The confidence a PC provides an employer in knowing that the solicitor adheres to the highest of professional standards.

You can read the full text online on the Committee's FAQ page.


This article originally appeared in the October 2017 Member eZine. For more information, and to subscribe, see eNewsletters.