Exclusive Law Society Charter Insignias


Charter signatories can benefit from Law Society insignias to highlight their commitment to wellbeing and/or inclusion.

Law Society charters

Show your commitment

The Law Society has developed exclusive insignias for signatories to the Professional Wellbeing Charter, and to the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter.

The insignias can be used on firm stationery, websites, business cards and other marketing materials to publicly promote commitment to the Charter(s). This can help inform future employees, clients and colleagues that your firm takes professional wellbeing, and/or gender equality, diversity and inclusion, very seriously and is striving to improve these in your workplace.

More information on the terms and conditions of using these insignias is provided on the Law Society’s GEDI and Professional Wellbeing Charter pages.

Signing up

If you haven’t signed up to one or both of the Charters yet and would like to, just follow these very simple steps.

  1. Find out more about the Law Society’s GEDI Charter and / or the Law Society’s Professional Wellbeing Charter.
  2. With senior staff, decide whether your firm/legal team can take on the responsibility of striving to achieve the Charters’ commitments.
  3. Once the decision is made to become a signatory, sign up to the GEDI Charter and / or Professional Wellbeing Charter, receive the Charter insignia from the Law Society via email, and have your firm listed as a signatory on the Law Society’s website.
  4. Assign responsibility for meeting the Charter commitments to a named senior partner or member of staff. Signatories are encouraged to publish details of the senior leader who is accountable for the Charter commitments on your website or intranet.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the Charters and the accompanying insignias, please don’t hesitate to contact us.