Digital Law Directory


The Law Directory has gone digital. See how members can access the mobile site and app.

A green, convenient solution

Following member feedback and a decision by the Law Society Council, the Law Directory is now available as a digital service on your mobile phone. Current members can access it as a mobile-friendly site, or download the app for your Apple or Android device. This will allow you to see practitioner details in real time, as well as the content of the physical Law Directory.

The short video below highlights some of the key features.



Members only

The digital Law Directory is only available to current members of the Law Society.

Membership for 2021 can be renewed along with your Practising Certificate. Non-practising membership can be renewed after 16 December 2020.

Opt in preference

If you would still like to receive the 2021 Directory as a physical book, please make sure to opt in.