CORE Downtime - December 2020


Companies Registration Office CORE services will be unavailable for a number of days in December.

CRO website downtime

The Companies Registration Office (CRO) is launching its new CORE Customer Portal in December. As part of this process, the existing CORE platform will be shut down while the CRO transitions to its new IT system. This shutdown will have a significant impact on security and other filings, which practitioners will need to factor in when undertaking/closing transactions on behalf of clients.

The transition to the new system begins on 11 December and the new portal will go live on 16 December. The cut-off date for receipt of signature pages is 7 December and the cut-off date for receipt of electronically signed C1, C1A, C1B, F8, F8A and F8Bs is 10 December. Further details about the launch and the transition arrangements are available on the CRO website.

The Business Law and the Conveyancing Committees have raised queries with the CRO in relation to the launch . A copy of the Registrar’s response to the Business Law Committee, which also contains additional guidance on security filings and information about the benefits of the new portal, is below for members’ information.